"I can not change the world but I can change the world for one person" -Mother Teresa

Sunday, January 23, 2011

A Good Week

This week I had two important "Ah-Ha" moments. First I realized that adoption for us is totally possible and that these girls are going to be ours, forever! I can't tell you how long this journey has been in my heart but for it to be so close that I can see the finish line, although it is still pretty faint, it is there. I can't wait for it to be touchable.

Second, I realized that the money will be here when we need it. That the good Lord will provide all of it, when we need it, maybe not until then, but it will be there. That is such an overwhelming feeling of comfort knowing that God has a plan for this too. As my mom said to me, "if He takes care of the little birds, then why would I ever doubt He would not take care of me!" Such a good thing to remember all the time, in any situation!!

My mom and I went out and clearance shopped this weekend. We were able to find the girls a few items at great deals. It is so fun to see clothes in the closet for them, just waiting for them to come home. Last night as I was looking at each of their little piles, I realized that this is possibly more clothes then they have ever had in their life, and yet, I was thinking they still need more. They still need jackets, coats, shoes, underwear, ect. You get the picture. And right now, they have three outfits to their name and they still smile. A lesson I know I could learn from.

Steve and I have decided to make fudge in three yummy favors and sell it in hopes of raising enough money to move to the next step in the adoption process. We are making approx 4 oz shaped hearts of solid fudge, one of each flavor, peanut butter, mint and regular. We will then package them in cute valentine wrapping and applying a handmade card to them. We are hoping to sell a lot of them!! If you are interested, just let us know and we can make arrangements for you to get your own!!

Blessings to all!!

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