"I can not change the world but I can change the world for one person" -Mother Teresa

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Another decision made, Moving forward.

Steve and I finally decided that we are going to adopt from.......UGANDA! We are really excited and ready to start the process. We are still trying to find an agency to work with. I will keep looking into our options over the next couple weeks and we hope to make a decision by Christmas. As a dear friend said to me, this is as important as selecting your doctor. It is someone who will walk with you through a lot of ups and downs and it is best to have someone we feel 100% comfortable with. Right now there are not a lot of agencies working in Uganda so it should not take us to long to decide.

Steve and I decided that we wanted to start saving our change for our adoption...Change to make a change! We were laughing that we are now $21.36 (just a guess!) closer to our goal. I honestly don't know right now how much it is going to cost but I can tell you I could not put a price tag on these two precious lives I know God has waiting for us! If anyone else would like to help us by saving their change, let me know! We are trying to find something to use to give to people to gather their change in for our adoption. I know that a little bit of change can sure add up to a lot fast!

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Back again

I have been wanting to start blogging again about our adoption and where it stands, however there has been nothing to post about. As most you know, we put our adoption on hold while Steve was on deployment and now that we are looking into adoption again, we are trying to figure out what country we want to adopt from and what agency we want to help us through the process. Right now it seems to be the hardest decision we have to make. It is not about the money, it is about making the right choice for our family.

I am so excited to be starting the process, again. I will try and post more often as decisions are made and the process gets going...it is still a ways away but I honestly feel "the call" getting stronger and closer!

Blessings to All!